• We’re Moving OnLine!

    Watch for a MAJOR announcement, plus, Finally – the quickest, most enjoyable way to tone, burn fat, strengthen and restore – now streaming to you online on any device!

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  • that crazy after burn moment…

    when you don’t know whether you’re laughing or screaming

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  • “I love what you do for me”

    The words we are privileged to hear from our super tribe! Write your own story, live it out, and unleash freedom with us!

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  • art meets fitness!

    art meets fitness. private training revamped!

    Dance inspired fitness, & the passion for freedom meet at the barre; and we donate a portion of your session cost to end human trafficking! Click for your introductory special get the special in Rancho C.

  • how to conquer love handles at the barre

    Laugh, and sculpt Obliques, Legs, Arms and the Bottom in this simple Triple-Quadruple-Threat Passion Barre workout sequence!

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