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Getting fatter even though you haven’t changed anything in your diet?

Name four things that can contribute to weight gain, even if you’re eating the same way you always have. Want a hint (or four)? Check out the scoop here.

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Menopausal women – enjoy these tips before you take those prescriptions

Do you eat any (or all) of these three simple and incredible breakfast foods every day?

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Top 3 Breakfast Foods You’ve Got to Have

Do you eat any (or all) of these three simple and incredible breakfast foods every day?

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To our men looking to regain strength! Here’s a helpful hormone

Do you know the two essential nutrients that if too low may result in low testosterone levels?

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Busted! 5 Cholesterol Myths and What You Should Eat and Do Instead

Cholesterol myths are everywhere! Sort out some of the facts right here.

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What your waist measurement knows a hundred more times than your scale

If the Muffin top is your buddy compared to this sneaky little one… how important is your waist circumference to your health anyway?

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Now Open – New EARLY morning classes to boost your energy all day

We have some double-edged exciting news – our EARLY morning class is NOW OPEN to help master & boost your energy all day!

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3 reasons you won’t have to worry about overeating

Ditch the diet willpower and turn these three tips into habits to help you stop overeating at meals.

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The Scoop on Your Metabolism

Metabolism, RMR, TDEE, TEF. Oh my! Want to know exactly what “metabolism” is? Find out here.

Let the Kids Dance and Plié!

Help the kids in your life explore, build their creative & global IQ; & keep their joy tank overflowing with the Karingah Kids world fusion Dance & Plié curriculum…