about us

picture of barre ladies laughing and screaming after fatiguing the muscles, passion, freedom, fitness, pilates, renew mind

Art meets fitness… em… Artful fitness? Hm, dance inspired fitness? Mm, that’s it! My passion is to INSPIRE you to FREEDOM! –with creative inward and outward healthy living, to condition your body and mind  for STRENGTH. Hey, we have a world to impact and we want to co-brand with you and the community through “FIT-FOR-FREE” to exercise your freedom while bringing freedom to the captive.​​​​​​​​ 

So join me in an energetic, yet restorative private studio. Enjoy Passion Barre, Pilates, Santu Stretch, or one of my other crafted signature sessions that’ll restore, strengthen, burn off fat and get you energized as you thrive in a longer, leaner and stronger version of YOU.