that crazy after burn moment…

picture of barre ladies laughing and screaming after fatiguing the muscles, passion, freedom, fitness, pilates, renew mind

…when you don’t know whether you’re laughing or screaming.

Treat yourself to my Passion Barre program, and give yourself a dose of laughter and inspiration (medicine for your whole being). 

Go for the lean, lithe look of a dancer without being a dancer with Passion Barre, a low impact workout that’ll give that booty a stiletto lift, narrow the thighs, firm up the abs, melt fat and help renew your mind!

This technique calls for a unique approach to fitness focusing first on you, then body-weight resistance, isometric and isokinetic movements with stretches and relaxation which help you keep calories burning long after your session. It’s Ballet meets Pilates, Cardio and Inspiration; so belly up to the barre for some serious toning, strengthening and life changing action.

My passion is to INSPIRE you to FREEDOM! –with creative inward and outward healthy living, to condition your body and mind  for STRENGTH. Hey, we have a world to impact and I want to co-brand with you and the community through “FIT-FOR-FREE” to reach out and bring freedom to the captive.​​​​​​​​ 

So join me in an energetic, yet restorative private studio. Enjoy Passion Barre, Pilates, Santu Stretch or one of my other signature crafted sessions that’ll restore, strengthen, burn off fat and get you energized as you thrive in a longer, leaner and stronger version of YOU. Hydrate and chat; or shop the private boutique with Tribal Marks inspire-wear, spa collection and home accents.

Try this video on one of my favorite anywhere Barre Workouts to tone and sculpt the arms:

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