policies and culture

Every tribe has it’s signature mark… it’s working culture and convictions. Here are a few essential guidelines to keep us all at our best.


  • Please arrive on time. It’s courteous, and it helps prevent injuries. Class is closed for attendance after 7 minutes.
  • Please remove street shoes and regular socks before stepping on studio floor.
  • Reduce noise levels while a current class is in session.
  • We do not currently provide child or pet care at the studio. Children who are unable to sit quietly or be kept occupied (e.g with quiet games or books) are not permitted in the lounge.
  • Please silence and put away cell phones before class begins. If you must take a call during class, please excuse yourself from the studio without disrupting the instructor and other clients.
  • Please do not take studio items from the facility.
  • Items forgotten at the studio will be given or thrown away if unclaimed after a week.


  • Reserve in advance to secure your spot in class. Reservations also help you build accountability for your goals. We ask for class reservations 24 hours in advance. Morning class reservations must be made by 8PM the night before.
  • Walk-ins will be accommodated on a first-come, first-serve, space available basis.
  • Arrive on time. Class space will be given up to anyone on the wait list within 5 minutes of class time.
  • Class attendance will not be granted to late clients 7 minutes after class time.
  • Reservations may be made primarily through our online scheduler or over the phone. Classes must be paid for before attending.
  • First time guests/clients please arrive at least 15 minutes early so we can get your client waiver, and get you acquainted with your freedom space and instructor.
  • Lifestyle Members planning on bringing a guest? Please inform us ahead of time.
  • We look forward to seeing you, however in the event that you can’t make it please cancel 5 hours prior to class time (12 hours for morning classes), to avoid a no exceptions $5.00 cancellation fee / $12.00 no show fee or loss of class or service credit.
  • Cancellations may be made through our online scheduler, or via telephone with a voicemail, if unanswered. We cannot guarantee confirmation through other media.
  • Classes with no attendance after 10 minutes of class time are automatically cancelled.
  • Passion Barre and Karingah! reserve the right to cancel classes. Every effort will be made to notify those pre-registered of cancelations. Classes and instructor assignments are subject to change.


  • We’ve got water and tea for you at the Tea Bar as well as mats and other fun things to enhance your experience. Bring a towel and your personal mat, if you like.
  • Wear comfortable, but fitted clothing. Checking posture and alignment is an important part of your class, and baggy clothes could get in the way. Clean indoor sneakers or dance shoes are permitted for cardio or dance classes.
  • Bare feet or non-slip grip socks are required for Barre and Pilates classes. Non-slip grip socks can also be purchased at the studio boutique..
  • Please speak with your instructor about any injuries or limitations before class begins and confirm that you have clearance from your doctor.
  • Congratulations, expecting Moms! Please show an exercise clearance note from your doctor.


  • Standard class packages expire in 90 days. Single Drop-Ins expire in 30 days.
  • Unlimited monthly memberships are based on the term noted in the agreement, without exception.
  • There is a one-time registration fee of $12 for single drop in enrollments.
  • Single classes, class packages, memberships, promotions, and workshops are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • Pricing is subject to change without notice.

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