How to easily lose 30 pounds beyond the barre

Passion barre photo of Sliced lemon in glass

Here’s a tip from beyond the barre – do you want to effortlessly lose 30 unwanted pounds in one year? And not only lose fat but reduce inflammation? Here’s one hidden way:
A lot of people drink an average of 2 regular soft drinks a day, which is about 300 calories! And when you add these extra 300 calories up over a year, they result in more than 30 pounds of weight gain!

As we often say in our nutrition consultations, pertaining to your lifestyle and health plan – your goal is optimization, benefits and results. Go for foods that work for you and help your body heal itself. Don’t just eat foods that only fill your tummy or sweeten your tooth. Unfortunately, the conventional soft drink is not just a neutral tummy filler. Refined sugars are a common culprit for fat-gain and inflammation. So it’s really not beneficial or optimal to our health goals.

I remember when I drank quite a bit of Soda, although not quite twice a day –  I still got rid of 15 pounds and my body settled in it’s new found weight and body fat composition. I didn’t have to fight to keep the weight off because I was no longer drinking back double the calories after physical activity.

So you might be on track and you don’t indulge in Soda very much or at all, and that is fabulous. You are on the right track. And to continue on that track, you might look at other places where you may be drinking your calories. What goes in your coffee, for instance, or do you drink too much juice or alcohol?

Check out or website or contact us for tips and alternatives on what you drink and eat.

Make a decision on these, and you’ll be saying goodbye to unwanted pounds in no time! Nutrition made pretty simple, huh?


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