The skin glowing, stretchmark and cellulite zapper I use every day!

Maybe you’ve heard of this skin glowing, stretchmark reducer and cellulite zapper; but did you know you could also eat Raw African Shea Butter? It’s certainly a common practice in some of the regions it’s sourced from, but not so much in the western world.

REAL Raw African Shea Butter’s been coming up a lot in my circle and rightfully so, because I swear by it, haha!

From pregnancy stretchmark prevention to using it as a real nipple balm; to killing off a nasty sore throat when I warmed it up and ingested it (advise courtesy of my 80 year old Yoruba mother), it’s all I use along with coconut oil and certain essential oils for hair and skin moisture. #savings #realsimplicity #removetoxins 🙂
So of course, we started stocking it in our boutique!

Just a little bit of what Shea Butter does:

-Provides Anti Aging benefits
-Reduces stretch marks, scars and cellulite
-It’s great for hair, skin and nails,
-Protects babies from diaper rashes
-Protects nipples from soreness and cracking from breastfeeding
-Relieves winter dry kin, sunburn, wind burn.

The Raw African Shea butter from the African Shea Tree is extremely high in antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help keep your cellular structure youthful and lubricated.

-Now much about beauty is most effective from inside out, so when you ingest it by adding a spoon to your smoothie, taking it straight or cooking with it, you’ll be getting those healing super food and healthy fat compounds working in your body. If you take it straught, it smells and tastes like a tree though.
And no, I haven’t tried to eat a tree before 😉

-Also, the quality of the source matters of course.

-Try it, or at least give it a shot for your skin and hair and let yourself glow, feel soft and smooth “like a baby’s bottom.” ????

Dr. Axe shares a little more on it here:

So what do you think? Have you used Raw Shea Butter before? Will you try it internally? Leave me a comment below!

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