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Top 3 Breakfast Foods You’ve Got to Have

Do you eat any (or all) of these three simple and incredible breakfast foods every day?

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To our men looking to regain strength! Here’s a helpful hormone

Do you know the two essential nutrients that if too low may result in low testosterone levels?

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The Scoop on Your Metabolism

Metabolism, RMR, TDEE, TEF. Oh my! Want to know exactly what “metabolism” is? Find out here.

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All You Think You Know About Healthy Eating is Wrong & it’s Making You Fat & Tired

Tired of counting calories and obsessing about how much you eat? Consider focusing on what and how you eat instead!

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BUSTED! Take these popular health myths with a pinch of salt!

There’s a bit of a scandal going on now with the research industry that you might find helpful, or that at least will help you understand why I encourage you to eat certain foods that have been considered… Read More

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Zap Cellulite with the Summer Transform-Action Series

If you haven’t been in for a while and need a jump to restart. Or you’ve been dipping in and out on the barre, meaning to really get your feet soaked ;)- here is a sweet 21 Days Till… Read More

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Snack your Way to Balanced Hormones, Naturally

You might have heard this before- good, real food based nutrition, plus a reasonable and consistent fitness plan is perhaps the best thing you can do for your hormones and overall health. But you might not have truly internalized… Read More

Passion Barre Abs, Hips & Lifestyle Food Clinic

Abs, Hips, Food and Lifestyle Clinic

If you’re in the Inland Empire and you’ve been poking for solutions and wanting to learn more, this clinic right here is FREE! A special treat for you, and your guests. We’re going to have fun targeting stubborn areas; get… Read More

…and if they drink poison…

Ok so hear my heart: With all the GMOs, chemical preservatives, over-medication etc in our present day system – things can get overwhelming and discouraging and at times we can only know so much without being bogged down… Read More

Passion Barre-Evangelist Rewards Program

Passion Barre-Evangelist Rewards Program

Last month at Passion Barre, we entered the “GO” Challenge and shared the one cause we care about: Freedom – and inspiring you to experience the possibilities it brings! On your journey we enjoy treating you like the work of… Read More