Passion Barre Recipe Chicken Breast Stuffed Tomatoes

Snack your Way to Balanced Hormones, Naturally

You might have heard this before- good, real food based nutrition, plus a reasonable and consistent fitness plan is perhaps the best thing you can do for your hormones and overall health. But you might not have truly internalized… Read More

Passion Barre Green with Passion Smoothie

Green with Passion Electrolyte Smoothie

Filled with wholesome Postassium-rich fruits and vegetables, there’s no need to go through a body toning, muscle fatiguing barre workout without a nutrient rich, and delicious smoothie like this. Potassium and Sodium are some electrolytes your body needs for contracting muscles, exchanging and… Read More

Passion Barre berry crisp recipe

try this superfood-filled berry crisp treat

Filled with wholesome ingredients, there’s no need to go through summer at the barre without a nutrient rich, superfood-filled Berry Crisp treat. You can show up for your workouts to burn off this guiltless dessert! Your body wants… Read More