The Lady, The Barre, and Her Tramp…oline

Barre Trampoline class

‘A couple of things we’re excited to to share this week!

First, we’re thrilled to announce, based on demand, that alongside, we’ll be sharing our post cool down reflections, newsletters, videos and recipes on our new blog at

This week in class and social media we discussed perspectives – and shared that:

“The Only Way to Not See “it” from a different perspective is if you’re in the dark”

And at that point, the object or the circumstance really isn’t the issue. The issue is the darkness… Read the rest at the Passion Barre Blog
And secondly, speaking of other demands…
What in the world is The Lady, The Barre, and Her Tramp …oline?

Hahaha! It’s an opportunity to take the blast to the max in your fitness routine.

As we compound short cardio bursts with resistance – results show that this is where the fat melts, and quickly too! Complement easy fat blasting, heart loving cardio, and body sculpting goodness to your Passion Barre program on the trampoline.

Imagine working out at the barre and instead of groaning, now you get to say “weeee!”

It’s a lot of fun, still good for your joints, still all about your core, and with the same record time results… enough said! 🙂

The Preview class and get together is on Friday, May 16 at 6:45PM, and here’s the deal, ladies – showing up means you want it on the schedule. The cost is $20.

Click here to sign up for the preview class 

As you know, our boutique fitness programs are personalized in a small group setting, and we open classes on group demands – so before we all commit to opening this up, we need your feedback by showing up.

If this Preview class is a hit, we will add it to your regular schedule (schedule time TBD). From what we hear, you want it, so we’ll see you at the barre… and on the tramp 🙂 Space is limited to 12 people, sign up now. 

Questions? Call 909.276.5442 or email ‘Dami and The Tribe at Karingah!

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