ToGetHer Freedom Passion Barre-a-Thon

Passion Barre ladies on eleve floor view. Black and white

ToGetHer Freedom Passion Barre-a-Thon

Lift, Sculpt, Sparkle and Glow all over this free community class empowering the work of rescue and restoration from child victims of human trafficking! With a suggested donation of $15, all proceeds from our Passion Barre-a-thon go directly towards building a local Safe House shelter with our local Partners, FACESS.

So unleash your freedom, and just show up for an exhilarating, challenging and life changing workout!

Please arrive 15 minutes early for registration. Late arrivals will need to be rescheduled. This offer is based on an honor system, therefore although we do not charge a late cancel fee for first time guests, we ask for a courtesy 12 hour cancellation notice.

Register Below:

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And now a little more about the technique!

Our Passion Barre workout technique calls for a unique approach to fitness focusing first on you, then the use of your body-weight as resistance, often at the Ballet Barre, and on/across the floor. Isometric and isokinetic holds and movements go deep into untouched muscles, with interval stretches and small cardio bursts which help you keep calories burning long after your session. The final stretch cools you down with de-stressing relaxation sequences. It’s Ballet meets Pilates, Cardio and Freedom – unleashing a longer, leaner, stronger, you!

If you’re looking for inspiration, low-impact, great energy and the lean, lithe look of a dancer (without being a dancer), then Passion Barre is for you. It’s a sneakily powerful workout that’ll awaken your metabolism; restore your posture, give your bottom a stiletto lift; narrow the thighs; firm up the abs; increase flexibility; melt fat; change your state; and help renew your mind rather quickly.
So, belly up to the barre for some serious toning, strengthening and life changing action.

Whose life will you be changing?

A child… Someone’s daughter, sister, friend or even mom. Human Trafficking/Modern Day Slavery is an issue that you might have started to hear about. But more than just a buzz, the shocking reality is that there are estimated to be 27 million in the world who have been forced into labor and sex. This is an estimated 32 billion dollar industry, and the average price of acquiring a slave is $90!

We are passionate about Freedom and Inspiration at Passion Barre and Karingah; and we believe that:

Freedom has often come, and can only come, as a result of the free becoming distressed by the captivity of the enslaved.

Join us with the ToGetHer Freedom Initiative for a free community barre class on:

Saturday, November 5, 2016 at

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All proceeds from the ToGetHer Freedom Passion Barre-a-thon will go to our local partner, FACESS to build a local Safe House and Shelter and continue to empower them in the rescue of women and children from sex slavery.

Advanced registration is required to guarantee your spot
The class cost is free – with a suggested donation of $15 or whatever is in your heart

If you’re not local, or unable to attend, you can still donate!
or drop off your cash or check donation at our Terra Vista location:
10582 Foothill Blvd., Suite 120
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
We’re located at the Joy Fountain Courtyard between Target and Hobby Lobby.

Call or text for further questions: 909.276.5442

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P.S If you’ve never heard of Human Trafficking; or you have heard, but didn’t think it was possible to make a difference; please reflect on this short clip on top 10 human trafficking facts and how you can help end slavery in twenty five years!

See you at the Barre 🙂