Now Open – New EARLY morning classes to boost your energy all day

5:45AM class announcement with Passion Barre Instructor guiding client in Pelvic Stabilizing and glute firming exercise

Passion Barre Instructor guides client in Pelvic Stabilizing and glue firming exerciseWe have some double-edged exciting news – We’ve heard your requests, and our EARLY morning class is back on the schedule to help you master and boost your energy all day!
If you’re looking for inspiration, low-impact, great energy and the lean, lithe look of a dancer (without being a dancer) to start your day with, then the 5:45AM Passion Power Barre is for you. It’s a sneakily powerful workout that’ll awaken your metabolism; restore your posture, give your bottom a stiletto lift; narrow the thighs; firm up the abs; increase flexibility; melt fat; change your state; and help renew your mind rather quickly.
So, belly up to the barre with Chantel for some serious toning, strengthening and life changing action.

And I just spilled the beans on the other great news!

Let me give a “proper” introduction:

She’s COMING FOR YOU, tribe! The gorgeous damsel you see in that shot, our resident trainee, Chantel, has wrapped up her learnings and is unleashing her serious, then hilarious, no-nonsense passion for the barre. Come and get to know her – look for her on the schedule starting this week, as early as 5:45AM! That’s right, she’s championing that class.

You know we all have “titles” beyond the Fitness Artist. For Chantel, I’m thinking “Resident Waist-Snatcher” ??

So here’s my call to action for you – click here to reserve your Tuesday/Thursday 5:45AM to 6:30AM spot now and let us know you want to keep that class. Feel GREAT, get more done, cut out interruptions and excuses to stay strong and healthy as you reduce risks of obesity, signs of aging or life threatening diseases.

With the Passion Power Barre class, you’ll power up the rest of your day in this shorter “everything-Passion-Barre” class with quicker interval bursts of intensity for more sculpting and fat burning power.

Our Passion Barre workout technique calls for a unique approach to fitness focusing first on you, then the use of your body-weight as resistance, often at the Ballet Barre, and on/across the floor. Isometric and isokinetic holds and movements go deep into untouched muscles, with interval stretches and small cardio bursts which help you keep calories burning long after your session. The final stretch cools you down with de-stressing relaxation sequences. It’s Ballet meets Pilates, Cardio and Freedom – unleashing a longer, leaner, stronger, you!

So if you’ve been on the interest list, pack this class out and let us know you want it to stay! Hold your spot for the 5:45AM (ends at 6:30AM) Power Barre. Are you in? Let me know and click here to reserve now

Shine bright like the sun! ?
‘Dami  | 909.276.5442

B.T.Dubs. If you haven’t had a chance to try our Passion Barre classes yet, we’d love to host you! Freedom and the sweet after burn has been spreading like a wildfire since we introduced Rancho Cucamonga to the barre! Your first trial class is only $15, or you have the option to try 3 Classes for $33. We match and donate class attendance points to our partners who rescue women and children from human trafficking, so click here to reserve.
In Southern California, we serve Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Fontana, Ontario, Claremont, Montclair, Corona, Eastvale, Mira Loma, Riverside, Pomona and other surrounding cities. See you at the Barre 😉