5 Reasons why taking a Passion Barre class could change your life (and why Tony Robbins might agree)

Fan or no fan, I always appreciate quick summaries of empowerment that we can share at the Barre! Here is a recap of a 2-minute video below on Tony Robbins’ 5 keys to changing your life/break through stress and how we see it tied in to the Passion Barre Experience (:

1. Feed your mind “the quality of your life is in where you live emotionally”
So take about 30 minutes to feed your mind (some healthy, life giving, sharpening encouragement every day). “Weeds grow automatically…” But the laws of sowing and reaping work with intention.
Experience inspiration during Passion Barre’s cool down and stretch as you are taught to Reflect, Think Again and Be Free. These powerful nuggets will help you understand and experience how transformation comes from renewing the mind.

2. Strengthen your body “It changes your biochemistry!”
You deliver the message that something has lifted and changed when you move, and then your body releases happy chemicals that deliver the same message back to you. It’s the way you were magnificently designed!
So, go for a power walk or run, or enjoy some dance inspired sweat and burn at the Passion Barre with supportive people that’ll leave you longer, leaner, and stronger.

3. Commit to something bigger than yourself.
This might seem easier in the society we live in, but real impact requires creativity and commitment!
Many women often neglect their needs for the needs of others and feel guilty when they do something for themselves. This guilt is still unproductive.
We are nurturers by nature, so, what if we didn’t have to give one up for the other?

With Passion Barre’s Fit-for-Free program, whether you have your faith, giving, sacrifices and activities, or you’re looking for “it”; every time you show up for class, your attendance is a “Freedom Point” which stimulates the rescue of a woman or child from human trafficking/modern day slavery. How awesome is it that your health and freedom offers freedom for another? The program is our way of keeping you motivated while raising awareness on the issue of captivity, and shining the spotlight on our amazing partners who do the reformative work of rescue in several communities in the United States and globally.

These last two are simply a matter of being in the right environment to get these, or to feed you the reminders:

4. Get a role model…
Because you mirror what you look at. Again, it’s simply the way your mind and brain were designed, therefore, what you focus on grows. Get the inspiration or accountability to help you set a goal, get a plan and take action. It’s always an honor for us to mentor and coach even outside of our Life Coaching and Lifestyle Plan members.

5. Take note of someone or something worse off than you or your situation, and get a new perspective.
There’s nothing like listening to a story about a sex trafficking victim or a major lack of good health to help reshape our attitude into one of gratitude… and hope.

While this article is somewhat of a shameless plug, haha, our student ambassadors will agree – it’s true. So why not share it and inspire some confidence in what you do. Go ahead, share it 🙂 And after that? All you have to do?

Just Show Up.

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