Let the Kids Dance and Plié!

Well it finally happened…

One of us had a baby and now we’re bursting with excitement over everything “kids!”

I wish! Actually, that’s not what happened all – that’s just the beautifully clichéd version I like to tell. It keeps it simple. But you know I adore a tale of intriguing complexity, leading to the grand solution! What really happened was the community hounded me! I couldn’t begin to tell you how many calls I would get for kids  dance classes! Okay, although that’s true, that’s not what happened either 🙂

What happened was simply a thrilling rebirth of what’s been in us all along. A fusion of our experiences, past and present, working with kids programs; a love for children and a desire to see things enhanced and happen differently in our community (what better way than to get even busier and more involved?).

What happened was a part of a colorful dream once laid out many years ago, knocked on our door of slumber, reminding us that the time is now!


The Karingah Kids Dance and Plié curriculum!

I mean Kids want Karingah too!
So, help the kids in your life explore, build their creative and global IQ; and keep their joy tank overflowing with the Karingah Kids  [world fusion] Dance and Plié curriculum –
A series of technique classes including Karingah!, Hip Hop, forms from the African and Latin Diaspora, Bollywood, Polynesian, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Creative Movement, and more!
The curriculum is an inspiring passion and character building experience for your children as they learn, discover and share their gifts in our community, to become leading voices of creativity, strength, compassion and freedom!

We’re starting with Ages 6-12 and launching with a FREE first trial class on Tuesday, October 4, 2016. Sign the kids up for this free event and learn more about the class and the program.

Many want their kids in a positive environment… How about a ridiculously-positively charged environment where they can thrive and you know your principles are being reinforced? 🙂 See your kids radiate and emerge with fun, freedom and rhythm, changing the lives of others, including theirs and yours!

Click to reserve a FREE dance class for a child on Tuesday, Oct 4 at 4:30PM and learn more about the quarterly program!