BUSTED! Take these popular health myths with a pinch of salt!

Passion Barre pink himalayan-sea salt feature image from wikimedia commons

There’s a bit of a scandal going on now with the research industry that you might find helpful, or that at least will help you understand why I encourage you to eat certain foods that have been considered “taboo” for over a generation now! Keep reading below for more.
But first, this leads me to the subject of health myths. You might have heard quite a bit about salt and how bad it is for your health. However, this common conception is quite inaccurate! What? I know – let me explain:

This misconception is a “half-truth” and only true about conventional Table Salt. And half-truths create a mess! Commercial, table salt – that is, the man-made type (like a lot of man-made foods) isn’t even close in quality to nature-ready salts rich with minerals.

The chemical processing involved with making table salt is not just sodium chloride, but often involves removal of it’s natural mineral; bleaching; and may include Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), anti-caking agents, aluminum and more.

Real mineral-rich salt is super important for our bodies’ health…in fact, it’s a vital electrolyte, and necessary for good muscle contraction. You need it along with Potassium and Magnesium for good fluid exchange, balancing, relaxing and a host of other bodily functions designed to keep you in a state of optimal health 😉

What Salt should you start using that’s supportive to your health then?

1. Pink Himalayan Salt (also known as Pink Gold) is rich with nutrients, and contains over 90 additional trace minerals, whereas conventional table salt processed in a lab contains only two.
2. Celtic Sea Salt helps greatly in alkalizing your body, balancing blood sugar level, and helpful in the improvement of brain function.
These salts also do not taste as “salty” as table salt, so keep that in mind as you transition.

Now, add this lately discovered scandal to your knowledge of health myths:

Sugar Industry Busted for Funding Phony Harvard Science and Shifting the Blame to Fat

I mentioned I would share some insight on this most recently busted myth. I’ll say it again: ONE of the leading causes of obesity and disease is Marketing! Obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease?… America’s been on this “low fat” binge for decades, but we’re getting fatter! Here is some more information from Dr. Axe and the NY Times on the scandal going on right now! The nutrition facts may be of no surprise to some of you, but if you ever felt hesitant or weird for eating more “real fat” (or thought I was crazy), this should help you. 😉  So what do you think?

To wrap things up, “Your mission, should you choose to accept” (haha), is to switch out ALL your table salt at home with Pink Himalayan Salt or Celtic Sea Salt. This Mission IS possible! Then let me know if you’ve learned something new concerning sugar versus fat.
Do you accept? Let me know, comment below and share!


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