Stand Up for Your Jeans

So about that thing we can all relate to – fitting into your jeans… or not. Last week, I summoned everyone to a “Stand Up for Your Genes, Every 30 Minutes” Challenge! Okay, okay, so it was “Stand Up for Your JEANS, Every 30 Minutes!” But you know I love a good play on words. And you love that extraordinary feeling even a scale can’t give you – fitting, no – SLIPPING easily into your jeans! No more lying down, heaving your breath hard and umphing to get them on…

Listen, I love the delight on your faces when you tell me about that exhilarating experience. But what really got me on this Every 30 Minutes challenge is what’s been happening to us GENEtically and why too many do not experience the thrill of standing up and easily fitting into their jeans!

Well it’s because we’ve been sitting around, literally, and allowing aging, and spinal deterioration to take over.

 Sitting for too long will reduce circulation; slow metabolism; put a higher amount of pressure on your spine & can cause lower back, hip and other joint pain; impair brain function; increase the risk for developing heart disease and diabetes; and cause muscles to atrophy, weaken the core and posture, encouraging flab too (about those jeans)!

All of these change your genetic response and cause you to age faster, therefore my personal challenge to you OUTSIDE OF BARRE class is to sit for NO LONGER than 30 minutes at a stretch!

Of course you should still GET UP, stretch, trot or walk around a bit every 30 minutes as I challenged you last week, but read below for a series of familiar and simple Barre-Pilates exercises that’ll whip your core into that swanky shape; beat the sitting routine; get you into your JEANS and awaken your powerful GENES:

This week, tribe, I want you to practice some movement homework during one of your breaks! Just for 7 minutes.

Here’s what I want you to do:

1. First, Warm up with 24 grand sautes, arms held in second position, or jumping jacks

2. Practice your Plies on Relevé in a wide leg second position
-Do 8 counts up and down, 8 pulses, and hold for 24 counts.
-Trot it out and rest, breathing deeply, then repeat in two more sets.
-Finish this sequence with an interval quad stretch on each thigh and hold for 16 counts each and breathe deeply.

See an example of Plies on Relevé here.

3. Practice the Baby Plank paying attention to your form- Alignment with all fours on the floor; tailbone tucked, neck is neutral with the spine; and knees floating no higher than 2 inches off the floor.
-Float the knees and Hold for 24 counts, pulse for 8, then finish with tiny rocking back and forth for 8 counts.
-Rest in a Shell Stretch for 16 counts. Repeat two more times and rest in a Swan Stretch

See and example of the Baby Plank here.
You could set the reminder on your phone to help alert you.

Again, I look forward to hearing you’re getting stronger, rebuilding your cellular structure; and that you can slip easily into your jeans!Do you accept this challenge? If you do, put your hand on your heart with one hand, then comment with the other and type: “‘Dami, I accept the challenge.” 🙂 Then take a selfie of you standing up or doing one of these exercises and post on Facebook and Instagram (tag us!) #standupforyourgenes #standupforyourjeans #passionbarre

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