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When the weather is really cold, there are several things people have done over the ages to warm up. For the sake of this analogy we’ll assume in the United States that you can just turn up the heat on your thermostat. After a short while, you’ll start to warm up.

As I sat in my car in the Southern California heat waiting for an appointment, I had my air conditioner on full blast. Then out of concern for idling for too long, I turned it off and it amazed me how very quickly my car heated up and I started to burn up… um, air on please! But it reminded me of how cool (no pun intended) it is that once a certain type of energy is applied to an otherwise heated environment, one can change the temperature in his or her immediate environment. But once one neutralizes that energy, the temperature of the environment presides over him or her once again.

I heard it well put years ago by Jimmy Evans from Marriage Today, and our ambassadors will probably remember us talking about this in class. In a nutshell: there is dynamic energy, static energy and destructive energy. Static energy is really energy “unclaimed or unused” and can only remain static for a time. It will eventually be claimed by another energy force. The easiest one being destructive, because it’s easier to tear down than build up. Picture a neutral object like a pen lying flat on a table. As soon as the table is tilted or it’s legs are wobbly, will that pen go up, or go down?

Pastor Diego Mesa of Abundant Living Family Church also shared a good example in line with this thought: “Thermometers merely reflect the temperature in an environment, whereas thermostats regulate the temperature in the environment.”

So as you gear up to enjoy your summer, be a thermostat in a real sense. Set and regulate the temperature around you. Be deliberate and aware of your state and attitude, remembering that remaining neutral keeps you subject to the temperament of those around you. If they’re happy, the good thing could be that you might feel happier after being in their presence (we’d like to think that’s what you experience after a Passion Barre class :). BUT if they’re down, you might wonder why you’re feeling a low for no exact reason…

And just in case you haven’t heard, here are a couple of quick big Passion Barre and Karingah! updates:

Here’s the sale you’ve been waiting for: We are kicking off a summer special where the “Perfect-12” Package is now $120, instead of $168 for a limited time only. That’s only $10 a class, plus, you can double up on the package (limit to two)! Call or click to take advantage of this sale now for a limited time.

Click here to get your “Perfect-12” Package for $120

Use Promo. Code 24/7summer when checking out online.

(we gave the sale a great run and alas, it is now over 🙂

We’ve also tweaked the schedule starting with the new month of June!

-Thursday’s evening classes are now at 6:00PM & 7:00PM, instead of 5:30PM and 6:30PM, starting June 5. Please note this and reserve your spot for future classes.

-Now guess what? We heard your request and are opening Fridays for classes!

-The much anticipated “The Lady, The Barre, and Her Tramp…oline” is scheduled to begin on June 13 as a regular class on Fridays at 5:30PM. For this class, a minimum 24-hour advanced reservation and cancellation is required. Classes are open for sign ups online, but space is limited – fill it up and let’s keep this class going, It is a blast (literally).

Feel free to call or email us with any questions or to get on a Passion Barre program that will breathe life into you. If you’re an ambassador and you’ve been meaning to introduce a family member or friend to your fav. Passion Barre studio, now’s the time to do it 🙂

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