The answer for every problem

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There is answer for every problem. Yes, there is. I say the answer is basically the positive outcome we desire.

See what we often think of as the “answer,” however, is the “how” of getting the answer. The solution to it. You know, the problem solving part. The “if x plus 12 equals 5, then find x” part. And because we don’t always know the how or the formula we say we don’t have the answer. And when we don’t know the solution, we stare at and stay focused on the problem, ruminating. We forget that what we focus on grows.
Think again with me here. What if we focused on the answer we want?
Marilyn Hickey said “we’ve rehearsed the problems long enough. Time to rehearse the promises.”
What if solutions are attracted to answers rather than problems? What if solutions only develop after the “answer” has been meditated on and declared? Yes, that’s it.

Start focusing on and declaring your answers. It’s your promise, the desires of your heart, your hope, and your dreams. If for anything so you can change your state in an instant and improve your mood. Because it is still impossible to feel bad, while meditating on good things.

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