Your dream guarantee… one thing you must do to win

With this quick video I share one of the things I consider to be a dream guarantee… That is, the one thing you must do to win. Once I started the discussion on Facebook Live, some of the… Read More

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The answer for every problem

There is answer for every problem. Yes, there is. I say the answer is basically the positive outcome we desire. See what we often think of as the “answer,” however, is the “how” of getting the answer. The… Read More

i GET to

I had yet another inspiring conversation at Passion Barre today with a comrade in the wellness community from Elements Massage. As she shared the riveting story of her lease on life, which brought us both to tears of gratitude – she… Read More

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Why you dream…

“It’s impossible to do what you’ve never seen before… so that’s why you dream :)”   What your h(ear)t thinks…

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What your h(ear)t thinks…

Our newest client and I had a powerful conversation after our barre and stretch workout this morning. It reminded me of the constant privilege we have to speak life and help over-write defeating patterns of thinking in our community…. Read More

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It’s not about the burn…

It’s not about the burn, it’s not about the bikini. It’s about a great place for women to BE…”

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the freedom that enslaves

I had this great conversation with a guest ambassador (client) after Passion Barre class a couple of Mondays ago. We are thankful for the free world (as we insist on calling it that). People should be free to… Read More

Erase, Start Over.

Engage with the possibilities today: Erase, Start Over. …Now. -Passion Barre