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that crazy after burn moment…

when you don’t know whether you’re laughing or screaming

human trafficking awareness walk, terra vista

the freedom that enslaves

I had this great conversation with a guest ambassador (client) after Passion Barre class a couple of Mondays ago. We are thankful for the free world (as we insist on calling it that). People should be free to… Read More

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Finding your voice

What a DAY! Our hearts are were so warmed with the generous support of our Passion Barre and Karingah tribe as they walked with us last Saturday at the Terra Vista Farmer’s market to raise awareness about human trafficking…. Read More

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14 Reminders on why you exercise

Here’s a reminder list of 14 of the top reasons to exercise, whether it’s at the barre or elsewhere. Numbers 13 and 14 get us pumped! The good news is, a lot of these are not a secret anymore. You can… Read More

Be more passionate about you winning than the enemy (or an obstacle) is about you losing.

Be more passionate about you winning than the enemy (or an obstacle) is about you losing.

Human Trafficking Awareness Barre-a-thon

If you missed the first ever Barre-a-Thon during human trafficking awareness month you can still be a part of the overall Fight for Freedom 24/7 Giving Challenge. Click to read more, help reach the goal and fund two raids!

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longer. leaner. stronger… wherever

We’re fascinated by water too. So toss a coin in the joy fountain, come right in, and we’ll show you how to find inspiration right where you are.

If something is…

If something is lacking, then open your MOUTH and CREATE it. “…speak those things that are not, as though they were / create new things out of nothing” Romans 4:17

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The only way to “not see it”…

As we were discussing in our barre class, the only way to “not see it” from another perspective is if you’re in the dark. And at that point, the object or the circumstance really isn’t the issue. The… Read More