Human Trafficking Awareness Barre-a-thon

If you missed the first ever Barre-a-Thon during human trafficking awareness month you can still be a part of the overall Fight for Freedom 24/7 Giving Challenge. Click to read more, help reach the goal and fund two raids!

Barre Reléve for a Stiletto Lift

How to do a ballet Relevé properly in a simple sequence to get a low-impact, butt lifting and leg defining barre workout.


Wa-Wa…It’s what I’ve been calling water these days, haha. And since I volunteered to write the post today and can’t seem to come up with a catchier title, I’m going with it. So Tribe, It’s warming up outside and one thing… Read More

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The only way to “not see it”…

As we were discussing in our barre class, the only way to “not see it” from another perspective is if you’re in the dark. And at that point, the object or the circumstance really isn’t the issue. The… Read More