Wow, wow, whoaman!

This week I got to speak to the “woman”. This past week I missed a couple of calls from the same number on the same day. The call ID came with no details whatsoever and that usually… Source: Wow,… Read More

2017 barre-a-thon and free classes

It’s that time of the year again, and we are stoked to be a part of this. Check out this really short video on why your next class to a toned body and an amazing mood is FREE this coming week! AND why it’s uber natural to aspire to be a part of something BIGGER than you

Tribal Marks, Passion Barre Child anti-trafficking Photo from Pearl Alliance

You may say I’m loud, but I speak for…

A few years ago, right before I launched Tribal Marks (Passion Barre’s parent brand), I started to hear a lot about this “human trafficking thing”, but like with many others, the concept just wasn’t hitting home… until I actually listened.

2 factors that help you thrive and live longer with the Passion Barre Freedom 24-7 Challenge

live life free At the turn of the new year, we shared 17 ways to be transformed in 2016 and charged you to pick just a few that you would practice this year. Well, the consensus is out and this will… Read More

human trafficking awareness walk, terra vista

the freedom that enslaves

I had this great conversation with a guest ambassador (client) after Passion Barre class a couple of Mondays ago. We are thankful for the free world (as we insist on calling it that). People should be free to… Read More

Child with hand over mouth

Finding your voice

What a DAY! Our hearts are were so warmed with the generous support of our Passion Barre and Karingah tribe as they walked with us last Saturday at the Terra Vista Farmer’s market to raise awareness about human trafficking…. Read More

Human Trafficking Awareness Barre-a-thon

If you missed the first ever Barre-a-Thon during human trafficking awareness month you can still be a part of the overall Fight for Freedom 24/7 Giving Challenge. Click to read more, help reach the goal and fund two raids!