Finding your voice

Child with hand over mouth

What a DAY! Our hearts are were so warmed with the generous support of our Passion Barre and Karingah tribe as they walked with us last Saturday at the Terra Vista Farmer’s market to raise awareness about human trafficking.

A pivotal moment for us was when we witnessed the young, extremely shy, son of one of our ladies transform into a bold abolitionist right before our eyes. His mother had shared the issue of human trafficking with him along with it’s unfortunate exploitation of women and children. He showed up, asked to pick up the biggest sign and went on his walk to stand in the gap for fellow children. His youth and passion made an impact on many because he returned rather quickly to pick up more cards to share.

When captives are silenced, we speak twice as loud…

It was such a profound moment for me as I thought “with the quiet and shy ones, sometimes all you need to do is give them something that matters to help them find their voice.” Give them something worth talking about… something worth leaving their comfort zone for. When our young advocate heard that too many kids have been silenced, he could no longer remain silent. He spoke twice as loud.

You see, my voice found me too. I’m not a quiet person, but I’ve experienced being silenced on the inside. Yes, it’s the loud ones who lose their voice. My destiny got shaped by the passion and call to freedom. Freedom helped me regain my voice and made it clearer… and louder.

Passion Barre tribe walk at Terra Vista Farmers MarketAs the afternoon went on, we had other outstanding opportunities to share facts and solutions with the community. Several learned new things and thanked us for being there; some committed to showing up at the Barre-a-thon this Saturday to help raise funds; plus, we were able to spotlight our partners’ great work.

All this, and yet we were faced with some ridiculous opposition! And I mean so ridiculous you couldn’t miss it. Some were uncomfortable just by us simply being there… but of course. Empty barrels that tried to make the most noise. But we had already been heard.

And while I won’t bother getting into the details, the opposition actually made it exciting. It was a reminder for me, and I’m glad I caught it.  There’s always resistance when you’re gaining ground and doing something that matters! People vary, and reasons for opposition are as many as there are people on earth, haha. So you can’t always predict where the resistance will come from. In fact, you would be surprised. But this is not the time to get sidetracked. Focus. And just like we say at the Barre: resistance is necessary to build muscle. Stumbling blocks are useful as stepping stones for you to CONTINUE on your way to the top. Find or regain your voice, and speak up for what matters.

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