The only way to “not see it”…

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As we were discussing in our barre class, the only way to “not see it” from another perspective is if you’re in the dark.

And at that point, the object or the circumstance really isn’t the issue. The issue is the darkness.

See (no pun intended), everything reveals something a little different about itself when you choose to look at it a different way. Even a perfectly rounded ball, because of those really cool things called reflection, highlights and shadows… as long as there is light. And to see anything at all, you need light. But let’s trace back our steps a little bit.

Lately in class we’ve challenged eachother to look at “it” differently, and we dare you to do the same. For example:

Passion Barre Ambassador A has a family, including young children to look after. She might think “this is crazy, they cost so much; they’re so demanding and messy; and I can’t seem to catch a break. I don’t think I’ll ever have a life; what was I thinking getting myself into this?” etc

Passion Barre Ambassador B also has a similar situation, but she thinks “wow, there are a lot of things to juggle in life, but this is the life! They are a treasure, and I get to offer solutions, use my gifts and creativity and even when it seems insignificant, I am impacting real, valuable lives. Yes, I could really use some help with this mess, but I’m actually grateful for their noise and mess, because it means they’re alive, and they’re mine. Things COULD be worse, but change IS constant, so things COULD also get better” etc

Who is going to enjoy life more?

Both have common situations, but different perspectives, all happening in the same place we each own… the mind.

Now Passion Barre Ambassador B, doesn’t “ignore” the challenges, but rather converts them to yield to a strength or confident expectation (hope).

We don’t belittle the challenges of life, nor are we insensitive to even worse challenges for several others. It’s just that for everyone who desires to, and has overcome indescribable challenges, their victory took place when they renewed their mind. It’s in what they chose to look for, or what they chose to receive and believe.

Our newest guest, Carla, gave some feedback on how a recent shift in perspective enhanced her life. It was spot on, as she shared how although things were going well, it didn’t seem so until she shifted her focus… before which she first had to “switch on the light”. [ We love your feedback, ladies, it’s an honor to hear them… Keep ’em coming! ]

So here are the rules to the change, however. You have to look for the good in it. Typically those who look for trouble find it, right? More of us need to look for goodness and we will find it. The principle is really quite simple. Your chances of finding something specific because you look for it are higher. This is why you have to focus and protect your ability to hope. And where you look for it is where you’ll find yourself. If you’re looking to buy some soap at the store, it’s natural that you’ll eventually end up at the store.

Make life simple, follow the principles.

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