i GET to

I had yet another inspiring conversation at Passion Barre today with a comrade in the wellness community from Elements Massage. As she shared the riveting story of her lease on life, which brought us both to tears of gratitude – she helped me catch on to her phrase, “I get to.”

Having gone beyond “I can’t or I don’t want to,” she says, and I paraphrase, ‘everyday I get up, walk, work, care for my family or help people (fill in the gaps with what you do), I don’t just think “I can” now. I know that “I get to.”‘

Now, a new lease on life for you doesn’t have to be a dramatic occurrence. I know it was for me. But our new lease on life can be the commonly clichéd every morning along with the brand new mercies that accompany it. Many things remain clichéd solely by mundane attitudes. But when accompanied by the valuable “I get to” mindset as we choose to “think again” or shift our perspective, this produces astronomical results! Families, work places and societies would benefit greatly from you while you continue to help them experience creative transformation.

Knowing that our community will continue to benefit greatly being served by her, our conversation served as affirmation for me as well. I get to speak, train, coach, and write to you and all our tribe. I get to dance, I get to create. I even get to sell (we won’t get into the topic of how yours truly as an entrepreneur thought she hated selling before). I get to be who I am and do what I do.

And so do you.

Even when you exercise, walk, run, hike, or simply show up at the Barre in the fight for freedom, you “get to.”

Life is an opportunity, and “I get to” thinking is what enables us to live above and beyond.

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