What your h(ear)t thinks…

Meme picture with play of words

Our newest client and I had a powerful conversation after our barre and stretch workout this morning. It reminded me of the constant privilege we have to speak life and help over-write defeating patterns of thinking in our community. This week I find myself speaking on senses thus far. For instance, earlier in the week we’ve discussed that:

“It’s impossible to do what you’ve never seen before… that’s why you dream”

And as usual, I do love a good play on words, so with our discussion today, here goes:

“Your h(ear)t was created for encouragement. Did you see that? Protect what you h(ear). Guard your h(ear)t. Look for good news. Let it in.”

I was inspired, listening to Keith Cameron Smith a few years ago, who obviously enjoys a good game of words himself. Our exercise involved dropping the first and last letter of each of these words: mind, heart and mouth – so that you understand the importance of what goes “in” your m(in)d; that what goes in your “ear” pulls the strings of your h(ear)t; and that what comes “out” of your m(out)h contains power for life or death!

The difference between you conquering in life or feeling defeated may very much lie in these truths.

So pertaining to those times when we feel discouraged or stuck. Take note of what you may have been listening to or thinking. It’s impossible to feel empowered if you give your attention to negative news, mediocre news or even no news. That’s right. Your gift, your call, your mission, your family, your career, your daily life and even your health and fitness goals need your heart encouraged in order to continue with passion and to finish strong. Make no mistake about it – there is a way 🙂

So be intentional, make your ear a magnet for good news and encouraging reports. Go and look for it. Surround yourself with it. Don’t worry about the masses. One is enough to create positive change. Two is even better. So share with a friend – encouragement, that is. And this post too, if you please.


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