How to break a weight loss plateau

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Hopefully you’re starting to enjoy some of the top fat-burning foods I shared some time ago that will help zap fatigue, improve your mood and energy, reduce inflammation and lose weight!
The discussion started as part of our answers to dealing with the question why am I not losing weight? Perhaps you can relate?

Maybe you started on your fit and free lifestyle journey and saw some improvement but it seems you hit a plateau before getting to your ideal size or weight. This can be discouraging especially if you have been pounding out those workouts- I hear it a lot, especially from women!

And while I completely second one of the most obvious answers to this challenge – (“change up your workouts and workout routine”) I believe in a more comprehensive approach addressing a number of underlying reasons.

Weight loss plateaus can stem from:
Food addictions, macronutrient imbalances, insulin resistance and cortisol imbalance, hormone signal impairments, certain types of medication, marketing, misinformation, culture, ignorance, and simply doing the wrong type of workout for your state of health or body type, etc.
Additionally, there are other complicating factors that could slow down one’s ability to lose weight/fat. These include Depression, Inflammation, Digestive disease, Hypothyroidism, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Blood sugar imbalance, Chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Candida.

Those are a LOT of the possibilities that often go unaddressed, especially for us as women! Sometimes we get treated like men in the workout process and the approach should not be the same. So if you are facing any of these, you need to know that I understand that the struggle is real!

…And so is your solution! That’s the good news. You know me… in every discussion I want to know what the good news is, and I bet you do too.

I mean it already concerns me when I know that you might struggle with what you see in the mirror, or that your confidence seems shot when your clothes fit awkwardly or when you’re not sure how your loved ones see you.
But what really grips my heart is the self talk that creeps in when the appearance of the lack of transformation sets in. The one that brings condemnation, shame or blame – making you think this thought pattern is what will cause things to change!
That is one conversation I live and love to interrupt!

What you must remember is that pain is already the crossroad! Pain does not need to be accompanied with anything else in order to drive a point home. One road from pain through condemnation, shame and blame leads to torture. Who needs that???
The other road chooses life, forgiveness, and ownership, not blame – which leads to transformation.

So let’s keep this simple with just 3 keys to breaking your weight-loss plateau:
1. Well first things first… simply get into a workout environment that you can get excited about.
Our philosophy is that you only go where you are celebrated 🙂
You need additional voices that will inspire you and get in agreement with speaking life to your thought life and plan. This is key in staying motivated and getting all the support you need.

2. Get the right workout plan and toss it up every now and then.
e.g., Did you know that if you struggle with adrenal fatigue, doing a vigorously challenging workout could be counter productive? Strange, huh? You just might be depleting what your body feels is left of your energy and then you end up slowing down your metabolism. It may be better to do a more adaptive workout along with the right macro nutrient ratios to get back to a balanced state.
Overall getting 3-4 workout periods a week is ideal. Go for a plan that includes Resistance (body-weight or additional weights); Cardio intervals, Isometrics and Stretching.

3. You can eat whatever you want with these two conditions:
A. Your meals have to be um yum delicious. B. Your meals have to be real and healthy.
Who wouldn’t go for that? And yes, it is absolutely possible – if you learn creation basics.
This is 70% of breaking the plateau!
The best way to achieve this is getting a plan with your workout program coach and simply taking a part of one day in your week to shop and prep.
That is imperative and it is all you need. You create the balance you need to enjoy the health you also need 🙂
Your lifestyle coach should be able address some of the factors listed above that you might be facing and suggest a meal plan that will support your health and weight loss goals. Along with the plan should come continuous communication, support, accountability and a system for measuring goals. Unless this is something you’re naturally good at, all of these should be in place to make life easier for you.
Like having your own health and lifestyle assistant 🙂

And that’s it!
Breaking a weight loss plateau is very possible with the right attitude and in the right environment (it’s the same as any worthy challenge in life).

So what do you think? Can you relate with any of the factors listed above? Are there any areas you’d like me to address personally? Leave a comment below!
Remember, we’re here to help you get started too!

Contact us with questions or click to find out more about our programs that might be a good fit for you.

Again, it’s possible! So see yourself transformed, have a ready answer for any defeating thought patterns and master the art of getting started.
Freedom is here, and I hope you’re anticipating a fabulous day!


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