Clients doing Mat Pilates on the floor

Pilates, the foundation of all our courses is considered the art of control – designed to improve health, strength, recovery and function. The system of exercises strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles because of their dominant role in controlling total body movement as part of the “Powerhouse,”- the core center muscles (abdominal, pelvic girdle, back and shoulder girdle). Enhancing clarity and the mind-body awareness connection; focus, breath, precision and flow are used to increase proper alignment of the spine, posture, balance, flexibility and endurance. These stretching and muscle toning exercises are usually carried out on the Pilates Mat sometimes with the use of small fitness aids.

So if you’re looking to recover or increase core strength, prevent spinal aging, prevent injuries and optimize daily physical functioning, then focus, flex and flow with us as you condition your body and thinking for strength!