Our Passion Barre workout technique calls for a unique approach to fitness focusing first on you, then the use of your body-weight as resistance, often at the Ballet Barre, and on/across the floor. Isometric and isokinetic holds and movements go deep into untouched muscles, with interval stretches and small cardio bursts which help you keep calories burning long after your session. The final stretch cools you down with de-stressing relaxation sequences. It’s Ballet meets Pilates, Cardio and Freedom – unleashing a longer, leaner, stronger, you!

If you’re looking for inspiration, low-impact, great energy and the lean, lithe look of a dancer (without being a dancer), then Passion Barre is for you. It’s a sneakily powerful workout that’ll awaken your metabolism; restore your posture, give your bottom a stiletto lift; narrow the thighs; firm up the abs; increase flexibility; melt fat; change your state; and help renew your mind rather quickly.

So, belly up to the barre for some serious toning, strengthening and life changing action.


Passion Barre-Synergy’s gentler approach focuses first on you, and how to optimize your abilities, using your body-weight as resistance. Isometric and isokinetic movements gently work untouched muscles with support at the Ballet Barre, Chair, or on the Pilates Mat. These go along with exercises to improve alignment, posture, core strength, balance, breath, focus and flexibility to increase function. It’s Ballet meets Pilates, and Freedom – unleashing a longer, leaner, stronger you!

This program is designed for anyone with unique needs in areas of physical restoration and revitalization. So if you desire to use muscles properly, increase core stability, and  resist the effects of aging, inactivity, injury, neurological, spinal or postural stress at a core level to optimize daily life; this is for you!

It’s a low impact, powerful, workout that will increase your energy, and flexibility, helping to change your state and renew your mind rather quickly – so you can live life well!


Passion Barre on the rebounder (mini trampoline) compounds plyometrics with cardio movement and intense resistance with barre support. Results show that this is where fat melts six times more than traditional aerobics, and muscles develop and work harder!

Complement your Passion Barre routine with energetically fun, easy fat blasting, heart loving cardio, and body sculpting goodness  on the trampoline.
If you’re looking for more energy and safe impact, then go for it, no one does it like we do!
Still good for your joints, still all about your core, and with the same record time results…



Santu: {to inspire, awaken or revive}

With the use of stress-relief aids, assisted stretching, relaxation sequences; and a gentle restorative Pilates method – this class will help release tension, increase core stability, good posture, balance, and recovery from/prevention of injuries to optimize daily physical functions.


Also experience transformation as you renew your mind by listening and over-writing wrong patterns of thinking to overcome limitations.
If you’re looking to restore, relieve stress, or simply strengthen and relax – Then develop your focus, flex and flow through this journey of stretching, assisted stretching, reflections and listening.
We hear that the class favorites are “the talk” and assisted stretching and back rubs, plus the after glow into the following day. We believe it’ll be the same for you.

Pilates, the foundation of all our courses is considered the art of control – designed to improve health, strength, recovery and function. The system of exercises strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles because of their dominant role in controlling total body movement as part of the “Powerhouse,”- the core center muscles (abdominal, pelvic girdle, back and shoulder girdle). Enhancing clarity and the mind-body awareness connection; focus, breath, precision and flow are used to increase proper alignment of the spine, posture, balance, flexibility and endurance. These stretching and muscle toning exercises are usually carried out on the Pilates Mat sometimes with the use of small fitness aids.

So if you’re looking to recover or increase core strength, prevent spinal aging, prevent injuries and optimize daily physical functioning, then focus, flex and flow with us as you condition your body and thinking for strength! 

Shake and Sweat CARDIO style to favorite classics or ballroom dance styles to spice up your fitness routines and brush up on dance techniques with seasonally scheduled  dance courses. Look out for Salsa, Belly Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and more!

Karingah! is our attitude! A modern World Fusion Cardio Dance and fitness synergy inspired by Africa and it’s diaspora (the Caribbean, Middle East and Latin America; with a touch of Pilates. It’s all good for your HEART as this CARDIO burst and intervals celebration leaves you refreshed – inspired with laughter and freedom… Oh, PLUS up to a thousand calories lighter, drenched in sweat!

There are only two rules: 1. smile the entire class, 2. if you miss a move, just keep shaking, ’cause if you can shake, you’re fit to dance!

Click here to try a Karingah class on Saturdays at 9:30AM