Passion Barre-Synergy

Passion Barre Synergy - Tone and stretch with pilates

Passion Barre-Synergy’s gentler approach focuses first on you, and how to optimize your abilities, using your body-weight as resistance. Isometric and isokinetic movements gently work untouched muscles with support at the Ballet Barre, Chair, or on the Pilates Mat. These go along with exercises to improve alignment, posture, core strength, balance, breath, focus and flexibility to increase function. It’s Ballet meets Pilates, and Freedom – unleashing a longer, leaner, stronger you!

This program is designed for anyone with unique needs in areas of physical restoration and revitalization. So if you desire to use muscles properly, increase core stability, and  resist the effects of aging, inactivity, injury, neurological, spinal or postural stress at a core level to optimize daily life; this is for you!

It’s a low impact, powerful, workout that will increase your energy, and flexibility, helping to change your state and renew your mind rather quickly – so you can live life well!