Telling Tales

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So our ladies at Passion Barre won’t be second (I’m usually the first, haha) to hear this during our “Inspire” part of class. I couldn’t wait: I heard a man talk about changing your story to an empowering one, and I could barely finish listening to his sentence while these thoughts hit me.

There’s a story that plays in our minds. And for many, that’s really all it is. A story. But we’ve learned that whatever plays in our minds (our thoughts) is what we live out or find manifested to us.
The circumstances that lead to these stories are usually strong with great impression – especially the ones that our major influencers have lived out in front of us; or those proven to us by a scientific or doctor’s report.

But even during a barre workout this concept is played out in it’s simplicity. It’s delightful to propose a new move while many of my students whine under the assumption that they can’t do it – until they do (try), only to discover that they could. It’s the story that every instructor has magic kinesthetic powers and is so far removed from the realities of the average student. Hahaha.

But seriously, these stories develop over a long period of time too, and they become our identity. You hear it rehearsed often: “when I was young”… “well you know once you hit this age, you’re stuck”. But what if there’s something so amazing and stable about that age that gives the added advantage of stability and wisdom that we’re failing to focus on? What if the things that don’t lift and move like before have more to do with the lifestyle that led to that age rather than just a ticking clock?

So, what’s your story? Do you like it?

I remember, with a particular context in my life, I had a great story modeled in front of me. It should’ve been relatively easy for me to make that story mine. And it was until one with an impressive personality but no truthful productivity convinced me over time that my story had to change (the power of influence). So I changed it without knowing… And I did not like what it produced in me, neither did it make me more acceptable to my new storyteller. I fell shorter and shorter of the part I was being asked to play. But thanks to a loving influence with great productivity. I re-wrote the story, and made it better. Thankfully, it’s been productive.
So anyone, seemingly from the top, bottom, or in-between has a story, and they can rewrite it as many times as they need to see the right kind of fruit in their lives. It happens all the time.

What’s your new story?

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