Talk to your bag of chips!

Passion Barre lady yells

At some point ladies, we just have to get mad. Get mad that a wonderfully created, intricate, powerful being such as you is being controlled by a bag of chips (or whatever your “thing” is)!

Have you noticed that healthy eating does not control you with cravings? Oh but what about this cycle of the things that are not the best; but feel and taste too good; lure you into excess and then become your slave master!

However the things that help you live life well are usually steady, good and faithful, respecting your right to know when you’re hungry and choose what to eat.

So, time for renewed thoughts and action:

There’s is a reason war is loud – just the mere battle cry is enough to intimidate your opponent.

Pretend like you’re in a Disney movie if you want, but it’s time turn around, get loud, set your face and tell that thing: “you are presently an enemy to my fitness and wellness goals and you’re not the boss of me! I’m the one created to rule, not you! I might eat a healthier version of you every once in a while when I decide it’s okay to do so, but not today!!! I’m going to drink a glass of water instead!”

And walk away.


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