…and if they drink poison…

Ok so hear my heart: With all the GMOs, chemical preservatives, over-medication etc in our present day system – things can get overwhelming and discouraging and at times we can only know so much without being bogged down… Read More

refreshing shot of sliced fruit and water splash from passion barre

Why am I not losing weight?

It’s a question I hear a lot at Passion Barre (and practically everywhere) – especially from women. And I mean from dedicated people who are trying relatively hard to shed those unwanted pounds of fat. The foundations of maintaining… Read More

Breakfast at Passion Barre: Keefir, Coconut Flakes, Chia Seeds, Strawberries

What ‘Dami has to eat everyday

The Love Your Body, Bring a Buddy Valentine’s day Barre class was packed and a lot of fun! And the yummy part was getting to share my daily Kefir cravings with the tribe. I’ve been meaning to share… Read More