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Creative Direction

‘Dami is a social entrepreneur and passionate freedom advocate…

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Turn up the heat! | Summer Sale | New Barre Trampoline Class

When the weather is really cold, there are several things people have done over the ages to warm up. For the sake of this analogy we’ll assume in the United States that you can just turn up the… Read More


Wa-Wa…It’s what I’ve been calling water these days, haha. And since I volunteered to write the post today and can’t seem to come up with a catchier title, I’m going with it. So Tribe, It’s warming up outside and one thing… Read More

If something is…

If something is lacking, then open your MOUTH and CREATE it. “…speak those things that are not, as though they were / create new things out of nothing” Romans 4:17

Barre Trampoline class

The Lady, The Barre, and Her Tramp…oline

‘A couple of things we’re excited to to share this week! First, we’re thrilled to announce, based on demand, that alongside thinkagainblog.tv, we’ll be sharing our post cool down reflections, newsletters, videos and recipes on our new blog at passionbarre.com. This… Read More

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The only way to “not see it”…

As we were discussing in our barre class, the only way to “not see it” from another perspective is if you’re in the dark. And at that point, the object or the circumstance really isn’t the issue. The… Read More

barre, passion, freedom, fitness, pilates, renew mind

The Journey to Freedom: We’re open!

The journey continues as we inspire and co-brand with the community to blaze the trail of freedom to those in captivity (Spirit, Mind, or Body). The studio, (Passion Barre, Karingah! Boutique Fitness Lounge opened this month of February 2013, and… Read More