Passion Barre Mystery Call Challenge Completed

I chose the deceitfully beautiful Reléve sweep. I guess it was instructor payback time, because it burned so good!

Passion Barre-Evangelist Rewards Program

Passion Barre-Evangelist Rewards Program

Last month at Passion Barre, we entered the “GO” Challenge and shared the one cause we care about: Freedom – and inspiring you to experience the possibilities it brings! On your journey we enjoy treating you like the work of… Read More

How to Roll, Release & Massage with a Ball

Relieve stress & discover several areas in your body that can benefit from a roller massage & stretching. We’ll show you how!

Passion Barre's 'Dami featured in Inland Empire Magazine, 2008

Throwback with Inland Empire Magazine

We had a fun time interviewing and photo shooting with Inland Empire Magazine, this past weekend, tribe! They discovered us online and thought it would be great content for them to share the passion at our barre with their readers. Be sure to… Read More

Passion Barre speaks to chamber members and dignitaries at RC Chamber New member reception

new chamber member reception, go challenge update

        We are thankful for the responses and accountability we’ve received from our Passion Barre tribe to “GO” with us and multiply our impact in the community. We’ve enjoyed hosting your new guests and we look forward… Read More

Passion Barre Cardio Abs & Obliques

Sculpt your obliques and firm your seat and thighs at the barre with an added cardio interval and stretch bonus in this fun and simple Barre Samba Sequence!

Passion barre photo of Sliced lemon in glass

How to easily lose 30 pounds beyond the barre

Here’s a tip from beyond the barre – do you want to effortlessly lose 30 unwanted pounds in one year? And not only lose fat but reduce inflammation? Here’s one hidden way: A lot of people drink an average… Read More

Passion Barre lady yells

Talk to your bag of chips!

At some point ladies, we just have to get mad. Get mad that a wonderfully created, intricate, powerful being such as you is being controlled by a bag of chips (or whatever your “thing” is)! Have you noticed… Read More

Say this instead:

A wise man, Keith Cameron Smith, in his book, The Top 10 Distinctions between Winners and Whiners once said, and I paraphrase: “Whiners ask disempowering questions; winners ask empowering questions”. You can still be an overcomer even when… Read More