Passion Barre Synergy - Tone and stretch with pilates

Passion Barre-Synergy

Passion Barre-Synergy’s gentler approach focuses first on you, and how to optimize your abilities, using your body-weight as resistance. Isometric and isokinetic movements gently work untouched muscles with support at the Ballet Barre, Chair, or on the Pilates Mat. These go…

Say this instead:

A wise man, Keith Cameron Smith, in his book, The Top 10 Distinctions between Winners and Whiners once said, and I paraphrase: “Whiners ask disempowering questions; winners ask empowering questions”. You can still be an overcomer even when… Read More

Passion Barre Pose: Plié in Second with a side bend

5 Top ways to firm up your booty

Here are five of the best exercises we incorporate during a barre workout to keep those glutes in shape through the seasons. But first, a few important basic reminders  – to reduce any extra fat around the glutes, to put… Read More

how to conquer love handles at the barre

Laugh, and sculpt Obliques, Legs, Arms and the Bottom in this simple Triple-Quadruple-Threat Passion Barre workout sequence!

Clients doing Mat Pilates on the floor


Pilates, the foundation of all our courses is considered the art of control – designed to improve health, strength, recovery and function. The system of exercises strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles because of their dominant role in controlling total body movement as part of the…

picture of Barre ladies going across the floor

Cardio Dance Courses

Shake and Sweat CARDIO style to favorite classics or ballroom dance styles to spice up your fitness routines and brush up on dance techniques with seasonally scheduled dance courses. Look out for Salsa, Belly Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and more!

Barre Reléve for a Stiletto Lift

How to do a ballet Relevé properly in a simple sequence to get a low-impact, butt lifting and leg defining barre workout.


Wa-Wa…It’s what I’ve been calling water these days, haha. And since I volunteered to write the post today and can’t seem to come up with a catchier title, I’m going with it. So Tribe, It’s warming up outside and one thing… Read More

If something is…

If something is lacking, then open your MOUTH and CREATE it. “…speak those things that are not, as though they were / create new things out of nothing” Romans 4:17

Barre Trampoline class

The Lady, The Barre, and Her Tramp…oline

‘A couple of things we’re excited to to share this week! First, we’re thrilled to announce, based on demand, that alongside, we’ll be sharing our post cool down reflections, newsletters, videos and recipes on our new blog at This… Read More